OpenTech 2013

18th May 2013

from UKUUG, the ODI and friends

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OpenTech 2013

opentech 2008 photo from Paul Downey

When: Saturday 18th May 2013. (10:45 start)
Where: ULU, London.
Cost:£5 on the door.
Currently: Schedule, Pre-Book your place
Pre-register your tickets here:

45 talks across 3 tracks over 7 hours, which hope to challenge, inspire or talk about something that makes you want to get involved. OpenTech 2013, sponsored by the ODI, includes RaspberryPis, FPGAs, law, creativity, trains, GDS, EMF, pictures, privacy, diversity, and a fort, and with plenty of time to talk in the bar after sessions which challenge, inspire or talk about something that makes you want to help how you can. You are strongly advised to pre-register.

OpenTech 2013 is an informal, low cost, one-day conference on slightly different approaches to technology, transport and democracy. Talks by people who work on things that matter, guarantees a day of thoughtful talks leading to conversations with friends.

Besides the sessions which will challenge or inspire, there's plenty of time to talk in the bar with friends both old and new.

 opentech 2005 - photo by Bill Thompson
Notable things:
  - Places to Get Excited...
  - ... and Places to Make Things
  - EMFcamp
  - Privacy
  - Open Rights Group
  - running your house on GitHub
  - show me the money - openSpending and openCorporates
  - Design for the common case
  - hardware decisions in the Raspberry Pi
  - Domain Logic for Direct Action
  - Big Data for Good

Other things on the day
    - VisionOn.TV will be bringing their popup studio, and
      be doing interviews and a bunch of other things with
      speakers and attendees doing interesting things.
      Further details, including how to get a slot, see
    - Thomas Stewart will be doing a PGP keysigning event
      at lunchtime
    - NHS Hackday is running NHS Hackday in the same building 
      a week later. If you're not sure what it is, they'll be
      around all day.

As ever, while there is technically some wifi in the
building, as soon as we all show up, there will no longer be
any working wifi in the building. So listen to the speakers
(or your mates in the bar) rather than compulsively
refreshing twitter errors, wondering if you should have gone
to a different session based on the tweets sent over 3G.

Pre-register your tickets here:

More soon
 your friendly opentech organisers 

This event's predecessors, in 2010 2009 (audio) 2008- and 2005 were low cost, one-day conferences about technologies that anyone can have a go at, from "Open Source"- style ways of working to repurposing everyday electronics hardware. Before that was NotCon 2004, an informal, low-cost, one-day conference on things that technologies were perhaps not intended to do.


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