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23rd July 2005

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Provisional Schedule

The final lineup may be subject to change due to 'openness' beyond our control.
Speaker background by ASB.

Lecture Stream:     Seminar Stream:  
from 11am-11.30am:  
Video entertainment during breaks provided by:  
Tim Hope, Julian "Dan Ashcroft" Barratt
- The Pod (pilot episode): Techno Is Not A Joke
The Media Lounge - Media Lounge Gaiden

  Gavin Starks - Exequo open broadcast network
James Larsson - Motherboard Kerplunk
Steven Goodwin - Cenobitic

11.30am-12.20pm:    11.30am-12.20pm:  
Living Life in Public   Practical Open Content  
Danny O'Brien:

- On the Net, you can go from obscurity to slashdotting to global fame to obscurity without making a penny. You can have privacy or influence, but not both. You can be famous for fifteen people, but not keep a forwarded email a secret. Danny O'Brien talks about the decoupling of fame and fortune, and the new security of obscurity.



Chair: Suw Charman

Paula Le Dieu:
- Science Commons
Tom Chance:
- Remix Reading
Steve Coast:
- OpenStreetMap
Rufus Pollock:
- announcement of Free Culture UK

12.30pm-1.20pm:    12.30pm-1.20pm:  
Ted Nelson: A Countercomputer Universe   Media Hacking  

Chair: Matt Webb

- Philosopher, film-maker and inventor of hypertext, Ted Nelson will demonstrate part of a new document system, Transliterature - which keeps every quotation connected to its original context - and discuss its copyright doctrine (transcopyright).


Chair: Ewan Spence

Matt Westcott:
- iPod Linux
Paul Mison:
- Hacking iTunes
Mike Ryan:
- MythTV
Michael Sparks:
- Kamaelia - Taking back the pipeline

1.30pm-2pm:    1.30pm-2pm:  
Lunch Break
2pm-2.50pm:    2pm-2.50pm:  
Launch of   Social Factors and Usability  
Chair: Ben Hammersley

Ben Metcalfe, Project Lead:
- The official launch of the developer network, opening up BBC content for you to play with

  Chair: Louise Ferguson

Chris Lightfoot and Francis Irving:
- Social and technical lessons from mySociety's core projects
Martin Belam:
- Putting A F__k Off Sized Dalek on the BBC Homepage Isn't Big or Clever
John Scott:
- Taking digital art to a new stage at Glastonbury Festival

3pm-3.50pm:    3pm-3.50pm:  
The Future is Open (or should be)   Where's the British EFF?  
Chair: Ben Hammersley

Jeremy Zawodny, Yahoo Troublemaker:
- The last few years have seen interest surge in "open" technology, standards, formats, and APIs. Why is this important for those who use and write software, those who create and enjoy digital media, and those building new businesses? Jeremy will make some informed speculation where is all this headed and talk about what Yahoo doing in these areas.

  Chair: Danny O'Brien

Does the UK need a membership digital rights organisation? And if so, what cool-sounding acronyms haven't already been taken?

Panel discussion with:
- Cory Doctorow, Electronic Frontier Foundation
- Ian Brown, European Digital Rights
- Rufus Pollock, Open Knowledge Foundation Network

4pm-4.30pm:    4pm-4.30pm:  
Afternoon Break/ Signing with O'Reilly authors in upstairs foyer
4.30pm-5.20pm:    4.30pm-5.20pm:  
BBCi and BBC R&D: Hacking the TV Stream   Blogs and Social Software  
Chair: George Wright
- BBCi, broadcast content, and the post-PVR landscape
The Ludlam family:
- Building Britain's biggest PVR - not a "Personal Video Recorder", but a "Promiscuous Video Recorder"
Stephen Jolly:
- Dirac video compression, and some nifty things you can do with Digital Broadcasting (Slides)

  Chair: Gia Milinovich

Tom Reynolds:
- Blogging without losing your job
Paul Mutton:
- Big Brother's Big Brother
Paul Lenz:
- Who Should You Vote For? launches "What Shall I Read Next?"

5.30pm-6.20pm:    5.30pm-6.20pm:  
Mobile and Wireless   Web Services  
Chair: Saul Albert

Dr Lizbeth Goodman:
- Wireless, Seamless, Discreet: style and substance in mobile platforms and projects for the SafetyNET Project
Sebastien Noel:
- SMS Guerilla Projector and other devices
Space Hijackers:
- new projects

  Chair: Steve Bowbrick

Don Young:
- Amazon web services
Gavin Bell:
- Every page tells a story
Lee Bryant:
- Collaborative archives
Simon Willison and Rob McKinnon:
- Augmenting the web with Greasemonkey


The final lineup may be subject to change due to 'openness' beyond our control.

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