OpenTech 2010

11th September 2010

from UKUUG and friends

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    OpenTech 2010 Draft Schedule

    Please note that the order of speakers within any session will be decided on the day, and no implication of ordering should be implied here.

    Zip file of all audio, Thank you slides that would have run at lunchtime

    Hashtags: #opentech #1A - for Session 1 in Room A. Drop #opentech for space if needed

    Main Room (Stream A) Upper Hall (Stream B) Seminar Room (Stream C) Discussion (Stream D)
    10:00am Doors Open
    10:45am Session 1
    • NO2ID: tales from the battlefront (Audio)
    • Just Do It: The Documentary (audio)
    • Mozilla Drumbeat: Building Cool Stuff To Keep The Web Open
    • Where now for open video? with visionOntv
    • Open Data & The Rewards of Failure Slides
    • - process and properties
    • - built on the API
      click on a talk to see its abstract here
      11:40am Session 2
      • LinkedGov: Filling in the Gaps (Slides)
      • Open Data in Clinical Trials (slides)
      • Rewiring the State
      • Open Rights Group
      • Can Twitter Save Bletchley Park?
      • CC'ing the world
      • Feedback for Emergency Doctors (slides)
      • How UK Universities are Using LinkedData
      click on a talk to see its abstract here
      12:30pm Lunch
      1:30pm Session 3
      • Climate Change Update - how screwed are we?
      • Giving the Enlightenment Another Five Hundred Years - Bill Thompson
      • Fix My Transport (Slides)
      • GroupsNearYou
      • Election lessons
      • Enhancing Trust in Science through Computable Publication
      • Who Owns my Genome Data
      • OpenGeoScience: not just earthquakes (audio)
      • Mydex Community Prototype
      click on a talk to see its abstract here
      2:30pm Session 4
      • and friends - applications and impacts
      (OKFN Slides, audio)
      • The Guardian's Open Strategy
      • Open Platform: How it works
      (audio, truncated)
      • Modern Perl (slides)
      • Modern FreeBSD (Slides)
      • Modern Java: Scala
        click on a talk to see its abstract here
        3:30pm Break
        4:00pm Session 5
        • For the win: game-space and public engagement (audio)
        • Today's Guardian
        • Not evenly distributed
        • Making newspapers out of newspapers and the new serendipity" (Slides)
          click on a talk to see its abstract here
          5:00pm Session 6
          • Museums and engagement (slides, notes)
          • the 10:10 campaign
          • Scraperwiki
          • Putting the Cuts in Context (slides)
          • who's lobbying?
          • Apps for Good (slides/writeup)
          • Free Software in Building Design and modelling
          • FrontlineSMS (slides)
          • open video discussion
          click on a talk to see its abstract here
          6:00pm Close

          The bar will remain open until 10pm or people stop drinking; whichever happens first.

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