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13th June 2015

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OpenTech 2015 Preliminary Schedule

Please note that the order of speakers within any session will be decided on the day, and no implication of ordering should be implied here.

Hashtags: #opentech #A1 - for Session 1 in Stream A. Drop #opentech for space if needed.

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Stream A — Main Room (1st Floor) Stream B — Malet Suite (2nd Floor) Stream C — Seminar Room (3C/D, 3rd Floor)
10:00am Doors Open
10:45am Session 1

#opentech #A1

Welcome to Opentech!
  • Being Female on the Internet
  • Selling ideas

#opentech #B1

10 years of ORG
  • Open Rights Group

#opentech #C1

  • Un-artificial Intelligence: How people learn
  • Objects of Intrigue: Modifying object behaviour to increase interaction
  • how we spent a year turning a caravan into a spaceship
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11:40am Session 2

#opentech #A2

Beyond Snowdenia
  • RIPA 2?
  • The 3rd year of Snowdenia
  • Privacy: I do not think that word means what you think it means

#opentech #B2

  • Lost in Tech Translation
  • 360Giving : Open Funding Data
  • The Cult of Equity

#opentech #C2

Not the Government Digital Service
  • DVLA Digital
  • statistically significant: what next for the "world's worst website"?
  • HSC Digital Service
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12:30 Lunch
1:30 Session 3

#opentech #A3

The State
  • The State of the Network Address
  • The State of Data

#opentech #B3

  • Open Rail Data - Where Now?
  • Integrating Rail Fares and Times
  • Digital Cholera

#opentech #C3

  • Moving government publishing to GOV.UK without breaking the web
  • Open Source Journalism
  • I hacked 1,000 UK Government websites. Stop me before I hack again!
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2:30 Session 4

#opentech #A4

Privacy and Open
  • From the Tip: physical infrastructure lessons for data.
  • Do you know where you medical records go?

#opentech #B4

  • Using data to find patterns in law
  • Scenic environments, healthy environments? How open data offers answers to this age-old question.

#opentech #C4

Open Health
  • OpenPump: open-source hardware for medical devices
  • OpenHealthCare
  • Open Access Research
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3:30 Break
4:00 Session 5

#opentech #A5

Blockchains, addressing, and everything
  • Blockchains - the power of trustless networks
  • Let's redecentralize
  • Addressing data

#opentech #B5

Democracy in action
  • I stood as a candidate, and...
  • Democracy Club
  • The Twitter Election?

#opentech #C5

Science in Action
  • Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientists & Engineers - Confessions of a Science Communicator
  • Science and Democracy
  • Science as Art
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5:00 Session 6

#opentech #A6

  • The Fantasy of Frictionless Cities?
  • Digital toilets: For your convenience
  • dotEveryone

#opentech #B6

  • Election: what's next

#opentech #C6

  • gitfs - building a filesystem in Python
  • A mobile web of apps and documents
  • meditation for opentech-types?
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6:00 Close

The bar will remain open until 10pm or people stop drinking; whichever happens first.

Slides and references are being posted on the lanyrd page. Audio will follow here.

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