OpenTech 2011

21st May 2011

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    OpenTech 2011 Draft Schedule

    Please note that the order of speakers within any session will be decided on the day, and no implication of ordering should be implied here.

    PDF of schedule or with abstracts (10 pages).

    In the bar: The internet is dead. Long live the internet? in visionOntv's revolutionary pop-up TV studio.

    Hashtags: #opentech #1A - for Session 1 in Stream A. Drop #opentech for space if needed.

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    Main Room Upper Hall Seminar Room Workshop Stream (room 3E)
    10:00am Doors Open
    10:45am Session 1
    • So long and thanks for all the truth... Fear and loathing in the modern media.
    • 0 - 35,000 in six weeks: Science is Vital Campaign
      (Science is vital audio).
    • How can we win the Information Wars?
    • Open Data Cities: Manchester
    • Open Data Cities: Brighton
    • Open Data Sheffield
    • a chat with
    click on a talk to see its abstract here
    11:40am Session 2
    • Social Innovation Camp
    • "interactive island" at the Guardian
    • Ada Lovelace Day
    • Visually exposing fat cats
    • Visualising Big Data
      (Audio: carbon, itoWorld).
    • Adopt a paragraph
    • "Where Does My Money Go?" Goes Global
    click on a talk to see its abstract here
    12:30pm Lunch
    1:30pm Session 3
    • Who Works Where Doing What?
    • Codifying sustainability
    • Amnesty's digital activism in the global South
    • Makerhood - Brixton
    • OpenStreetMap - internationally
    • LBS is all about you
    • Ready, Link, Gov! - Linkedgov
    • Crowdscraping - real stories of using ScraperWiki to gather worldwide datasets
    • Google Refine
    click on a talk to see its abstract here
    2:30pm Session 4
    • Building Digital Culture for Free: Can the Hacker Ethic and Comons-Based Peer Production make a better world?
    • Fluffy and poisonous - Why UKuncut has worked and how you can help.
    • Open Source Hardware (Part I)
    • An introduction to Open Source Hardware
    • Hard curves, soft electronics
    • London Hackspace
    • Cloud computing & data protection legal issues
    • Experiences with Personal Genetics: A Family Journey
    • One Click Orgs: where we are going next
    • The quest for open rail data
    click on a talk to see its abstract here
    3:30pm Break
    4:00pm Session 5
    • Watching the Press (audio)
    • SEO Kung Fu Spotlight (audio)
    • OpenCorporates :: Building an open global database the distributed way (audio)
    • Open Hardware (Part II)
    • dorkbot
    • Digital Archaeology - When open source is not enough.
    • dinisnoise: morse code profanit
      (audio: part 1, profanity/Q&A).
    • Empowering the next generation of FLOSS developers
    • Talking non-techie
    • Mozilla - more than just Firefox
    click on a talk to see its abstract here
    5:00pm Session 6
    • what does the government spend money on? (audio)
    • Police State UK: open source citizen journalism (audio)
    • The Law (audio)
    • Introduction to Self-hacking - The Quantified Self
    • Moodscope
    • Live Better Through Technology?
    • The LocalGovernment Knowledge Hub
    • QR Codes - easy access to data
    • Teaching old dogs new tricks
    • Distributed Backups for friends and communities
    click on a talk to see its abstract here
    6:00pm Close

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    The bar will remain open until 10pm or people stop drinking; whichever happens first.

    Slides and references are being posted on the lanyrd page. Audio will follow here.

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